Suspire Labs DNA Relationship Testing Pricing


  • The base price for DNA Paternity and Maternity tests for 1 parent and 1 child is AED 2,100.
  • For the addition of a second child, an extra AED 1,000 is charged.
  • From the third child up to the sixth child, an extra AED 900 is charged per child.
  • From the seventh child onwards, an extra AED 850 is charged per child.

Odd Samples: Ear Wax, Finger Nail Clipping or Hair Stands.

Secret Paternity Test using Odd Samples for DNA testing
  • These are not a Primary Source: While ear wax, nails, and hair, do contain DNA, they aren’t the primary or most reliable sources for DNA testing. It’s essential to conduct viability testing to ascertain the quality of the DNA before proceeding with further tests.
  • Resampling Protocol for Insufficient DNA: If viability testing reveals insufficient DNA for further testing, new samples will be requested. Should the resubmitted samples differ from the standard buccal swabs, viability testing charges will apply.
  • Prioritizing Multiple Samples for Viability Testing
  • Labeling: When submitting multiple samples for the same individual, label them in order of priority as ‘Sample A’, ‘Sample B’, and so on.
  • Individual Testing: Each sample will undergo its own viability testing.
  • Charges: Every viability test is charged separately based on the number of samples submitted.
  • Sufficient DNA: If ‘Sample A’ provides adequate DNA for the main testing, there’s no need to test subsequent samples for viability.
  • Refunds: In cases where an earlier sample (like ‘Sample A’) is viable, the viability fees for the later samples will be refunded.
  • For Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing Hair Strand Samples  cannot  be accepted.

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